Sleep Disorder Misdiagnosed For ADHD

Our son's Sleep Disorder was misdiagnosed as ADHD & a "behavior problem"
Photo Cred: Your Modern Family

With ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) diagnosis on the rise, this article took me by surprise and concerns me. Most parents understand the importance of sleep. We’ll read books about it, set up a bedtime routine, and pat ourselves on our backs when our kids are finally sleep trained. One of the first questions I’ll ask my preschool parents whom I’m interviewing for an evaluation is about their child’s sleep habits and routines since more research shows the impact of a child who is not getting enough sleep. However, what happens if you think your child is getting the right amount of sleep, but it’s their quality of sleep, or lack thereof, that is so bad that it impacts them functionally? Check out this informative article by Your Modern Family in which they describe how they realized their son had a sleep disorder that was masked by an ADHD diagnosis and behavioral issues.